Regular table: Erotic lactation

In a nutshell: The evening on the subject of erotic lactation was very lively and quite ‘wet cheerful’. You can definitely say that the evening was a complete success! We started punctually at 20:00 o’clock and finished work at 03:00 o’clock…

I would describe the circle of people as pleasant, sympathetic and quite open. Especially when you consider that we were strangers to each other.

I have become aware that this type of meeting has many advantages.
First and foremost, of course, the (largely) uninhibited exchange among like-minded people, the opportunity – based on the different characters, preferences and previous experiences – to think outside the box to get to know other ‘worlds’ and also to make friends.

Furthermore, of course – in a certain way – it is sniffed out, which may be (fin.) Breastfeeding meetings in a second step, but can also lead to very private meetings. Sympathy – Antipathy. Yes, I am well aware that sympathy and antipathy are clearly to be classified in the area of perception of each participant.

In the course of the evening, a ‘ guiding principle’ crystallized, which I found very appropriate: “Every Jeck is different!” – And that’s exactly how it is!

Judging by my personal perception, we had a lot of fun. Of course, the MS Hexenhaus may have seemed a little strange. At least during the first few minutes, but at least a lot was demonstrated live. Of course, on the one hand topic-related, but also cross-topical.

In this sense: Gnothi seauton.

Mistress Satanica

Topic ANR

“Knowing one’s own darkness is the best way to deal with other people’s darkness.”

Carl Gustav Jung

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