Welcome to MS Hexenhaus, the bittersweet playground for adults!

The Dark Goddess with the Demon

Mistress Satanica and her slave, i.e. the creators of the MS Witch’s House, welcome you to our dark realm of lust and sin, which feeds on the gloomy shining forces of the underworld. We live freely and unabashedly according to the adapted motto from a song by Julia Neigel, which reads as follows: “If you all want to go up there, we certainly don’t want to go there!”

On this page we give you an insight into our mystical-magical witch kingdom, give you information about planned regulars’ tables and events, as well as information if you want to rent the house for your own gadgets.

So all that remains for us to say here is: Take off your dress of false and limiting morality at our front door, enter our world of pervasive lust and sin, so that you can recognize yourself through your hidden longings in our realms.

The infernal hosts:

Mistress Satanica and her slave

Lilith - The Dark Goddess

I can also be found in the JOYclub !

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