MS Hexenhaus – The BDSM place to be!

The «MS Hexenhaus – The BDSM place to be!» is the hellish realm of the dark goddess. It is a protected place where sin is celebrated, where the primal drives Eros and Thanatos – as defined by Siegmund Freud and Sabina Spielrein – are allowed to merge in the alchemical crucible of art.

On the outside, as a metaphorical representation of purgatory, dressed in an enchanting red and black, a professional BDSM equipment reveals itself to the visitor inside, which leaves nothing to be desired.

In three magically furnished rooms, in addition to many toys, the following furniture and furnishings are available: gynchair, treatment lounger, slave chair, machines, two penitentiary trestles and cages as well as a throne chair.

MS Hexenhaus - Mistress Satanica

The “MS Hexenhaus” is divided into a relaxation area, the triangular playroom, which also houses a shower, and the royal chamber of the dark goddess, over which a pyramid is enthroned. In addition, the location has a toilet area with a men’s and ladies’ toilet.

The “MS Hexenhaus” is operated by the “Temple of Pleasure and Pain”, an association under Swiss law. On the one hand, it is the sexual magic playground of our diabolical Mistress Satanica and her slave, but on the other hand, it is also a refuge that is rented out in a private setting. Furthermore, small, but very fine fetish parties with different topics and more are regularly organized there.